Do’s and Don’ts

Modern  terrariums are descendants of the Wardian case and function as small tropical jungle environments. We have assembled the most exotic tropical foliage plants which will provide you with years of enjoyment and are easily cared for with a few basic steps.

The Do’s!

DO place your terrarium in as much indoor light as possible without the sun directly contacting the container. Supplement with artificial light if natural light is inadequate.

DO monitor to insure media is always moist and never with freestanding water. Give a slight misting if media becomes too dry. (This shouldn’t happen if lid remains closed)

DO trim or pinch back any plants that become overly large for your container. They will sprout back and become more bushy and lush with each trimming. Terrariums need pruning just as a bonsai would need to continue looking great.

DO enjoy your low maintenance free terrarium for many years to come!

The Don’ts!

DO NOT eat.

DO NOT  fertilize. Fertilization is not necessary as decaying plant matter serves to replenish nutrient supplies.

DO NOT over water. If it gets too moist condensation will form on the glass, and mold and fungus might appear on the plants and in the soil. If this occurs, adjust the lid or remove for a short time to temper the amount of moisture inside.

DO NOT forget to enjoy your terrarium! It is a plant lovers dream!

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